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Karnataka Compost Development Corporation Ltd.

Welcome to Karnataka Compost Development Corporation Ltd
Karnataka Compost Development Corporation is involved in Eco-friendly treatment of city garbage and agriculture waste through production of Compost based organic manure and Vermi compost. This Corporation was established in 1975 as one among thirteen such plants in India based on World Health Organizations technology as per the directions of Government of India to 22 States in accordance with the recommendation of Shri Sivaraman Committee constituted on the subject. This is the only plant running successfully unlike other twelve plants, which closed down their operations within one year due to unsuitability of technology to Indian un-segregated garbage conditions and lack of economic viability. This Corporation has become successful because of adoption of indigenous, simple low cost maintenance technology, which is found to be commercially viable. It was set up in 29.00 Acres area. This Corporation is floated by Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation, Bruth Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and Karnataka State Co-operative Marketing Federation Limited with 52%, 24.0% and 24.0% shares respectively.
Bangalore generates 2,500- 3,500 tonnes of solid waste every day, of which residential waste is 363 gm per capita per day. More than 60% of waste generated by our Bengaluru constitutes organic waste. KCDC turns almost 90% this waste into compost.
Waste-to-energy plants based on combustion technologies are highly efficient power plants that utilize municipal solid waste as their fuel rather than coal, oil or natural gas. Burning reduces the volume of munisipal solid waste by about 87%.
Eco friendly
Taking the help of (KCDC), the Agriculture department is going to process the wet waste generated in the city and also the compost generated in the waste processing units of BBMP and sell it to farmers at a reduced price.
Organic waste is a valuable resource can be used for improving the soil. By recycling organic waste, we decrease the soil’s need for water and fertiliser since we return the nutrients once in the living material back to the soil to help new plants grow.
How can You involve in this...?
Do you want to make a difference at this year's 2017? Come join us as we put community composting in action.
Your support withing your community,appartment and area will have a direct impact on the Brand image of Bengaluru.
Preparing Compost
You can convert your daily dustbin contents into rich, organic manure and grow flowers, vegetables or plants with it.
Organising Groups
Organise a convivial moment around making the compost, for turning over the heap, or collecting and sieving the final product.
Self - Help - Group
KCDC Mission has been an inclusive model of cleanliness where people from every strata of the society have come forward to contribute their bit in this compost drive
Do - It - Yourself
Learn about the different types of compost bins and what household items can be composted. ... The resulting compost can be added to other soil types as a fertilizer, forming an excellent growing medium for plants
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    Composting Centers in Bengaluru
  • 7,63,079
    Tonns of Garbage recieved
  • 1,79,726
    Tonns of Compost prepared
  • 8,100
    Lakshs of Revenue Earned
"Team Coherent"
Karnataka Compost Development Corporation is involved in Eco-friendly treatment of city garbage and agriculture waste through production of Compost based organic manure and Vermi compost.
On Going Projects
  • Doddabiddarakallu
  • Kannahalli Project
  • Chikkanagamangala Project
  • Subbarayanapalya Project
  • KCDC Project
  • Sigehalli Project
  • Lingadeeranahalli Project
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