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Ongoing works at KCDC Ltd

  • Shifting of Rejects
    As per the kind Orders of Hon’ble High Court KCDC has started shifting the Rejects which was accumulated from past 15 years at about 5 acres of land. Please go through Click here Video 1.

    KCDC had called the e-tenders for shifting of rejects where no bidders had participated, Due to the emergency of the work Special Commissioner (SWM), BBMP ordered to take up the work through M/s. Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Ltd. Work has been started on 7th June 2018, to Belahally landfill site. The Details are in Click here Video 2

    The detail report of shifing of Rejects are here. Please click here to get the detailed document.

  • Odor Control Precautionary measures
    During these composting stages the odor is generated, as precautionary measure the following steps has been taken:-
    • In order to control the odor organic stimulated liquid is sprayed in and around the KCDC plant premises. During the processes of composting, the windrow is shifted for processing. During this process to control the odor created, organic stimulated liquid is sprayed.
    • In order to control the odor already plantation is done all around the boundaries of KCDC plant. Further 1200 plants will be planted at the earliest.
    • During the composting process, in order to control the flies, mosquitoes etc quick bite solution is spread on the floor every day.
    • For Odor control a unique technology called Bio-filter system erected at KCDC plant. The technology is given by Dr. Ajith Haridas, Chief Scientist, CSIR, National Institute for Inter Disciplinary Science and Technology, Trivendrum.

      Under this technology four bio filter suction blowers and 1 fresh blower is installed in the plant.

      Four bio filter suction blowers among these four biofilter suction blowers each bio filter is connected to each processing section. In this biofilter system about 3500mts length of cylindrical ducts are hung to the closed PEB roof, which sucks the odor full gases, dust particles through blowers and passes same through the biofilter media in presence of microbes where biological activity takes place and removes the odor air.

      Fresh air bio filter blower: - KCDC is following aerobic composting method where decomposition of MSW takes place in presence of air. As the PEB shed is completely air tighten the fresh air blower blows the fresh air to the PEB shed for the windrow decomposition and air circulation. Please see Report(click here)

Overview of KCDC
Inspection of KCDC works by Commissioner, BBMP on 26.8.2107 along with Sri Manivannan IAS

During the inspection and discussion with the citizens of Bangalore of KCDC area the following instructions have been issued.
1. as per the notification issued in the year 1975 at the time of starting of KCDC plant buffer zone mentioned for the plant to be demarcated
2. notice to be issued for the concerned persons who have constructed the structures within the buffer zone
3. survey is to be conducted to know the encroachment of the lake and to be demarcated to evacuate illegal structures within the lake area. The work to be completed within 15 days
4. the rolling shutters to the shed of the KCDC plant to be provided by calling the short-term tenders. the tender notification should appear in the paper on Monday 28.8.2017. the work to be completed by the end of Oct.2017.
5. the opening of the shed in and around passing of ducts to be closed within a month's time.
6. The citizens have complained the foul smell of the plant is stinking to a distance of 2 km. The fact may be verified and necessary step to be taken to control bad odour by doing proper windrow operation and necessary treatment if required.
7. the meeting to be conducted every fortnightly with the citizens to sort out the issues.
8. Borewell water to be tested.
9. Responsible officer should work from KCDC daily.
You are hereby requested to follow the instructions and to submit the compliance in the matter.
S.V. Venkatesh Murthy
CEO(Plants) & T.Advisor to Spl.Com.(SWM&H)
Progress of Our Work
Karnataka Compost Development Corporation is involved in Eco-friendly treatment of city garbage and agriculture waste through production of Compost based organic manure and Vermi compost.
On Going Projects
  • Doddabiddarakallu
  • Kannahalli Project
  • Chikkanagamangala Project
  • Subbarayanapalya Project
  • KCDC Project
  • Sigehalli Project
  • Lingadeeranahalli Project
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