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Solutions for Communities

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Solutions for Communities
With 300 sun-blessed days in a year, any solar solution makes absolute sense in India, doesn’t it? When it comes to community composting, how about a composter that relies only on sunlight to get things going?

Marigold solar composter is a brainchild of Bengaluru-based Ravindra Karnad, IIT-Kanpur, Prudent Eco Systems Private Limited. That said, Marigold doesn’t have all the bells-and-whistles of a solar product. It is not fitted with PV panels but gets its name mainly because it absorbs sunlight through its roof made of high-quality acrylic.

The design

When he got down to designing the product, Ravindra’s philosophy was simple: “Composting is a natural process. Let’s use the natural elements to power it.” Rightly so, Marigold sits pretty in the garden as the sun and the wind work around it 24×7 to convert wet waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Interestingly, the design, just as the philosophy behind it, has evolved organically. Ravindra loves composting and has tried out composting methods at home. For his own product, the thought of avoiding heavy carbon footprint by making it less energy- and water-intensive dominated all other concerns and limitations.

So, Marigold underwent a great deal of transformation in design. Initially, Ravindra used cement rings instead of a steel body for the container but soon realised how unwieldy it was due to its weight. It was difficult to lift or to be shifted to another spot. This prompted him to opt for steel and it seems to be working fine.

The steel-bodied container sits below the rain-proof acrylic roof and the gap in between is covered with a strong perforated steel plate which lets in enough air. This much of air and sunlight is sufficient to set up a bacterial bonfire. The roof is easy to lift and can be left open with the help of a hook. It has a latch to help you close it tight when the work is done to avoid rodents entering the pile. Right below the container, another plate collects leachate, if any. However, in the two sites I visited to do the case study, I didn’t see any leachate leak. That means no loss of nutrition.

Bad odour & rodent issues

There was no bad odour in either of the two sites I visited. As explained above, the perforated steel layer blocks the gap between the container and the roof to keep the rodents at bay.

The capacity
The composters come in four capacities: Small (38 litres), medium (100 litres), large (175 litres) and extra-large (300 litres).

Convenience & aesthetics
It is portable. The roof protects the container from rainfall and hence, it can be placed anywhere in your garden or terrace so long as there is enough sunlight to keep the composting happening. These composters can be lined up in one spot or perhaps, you could spread them all over the garden if you do not have the luxury of sufficient space in one spot. A Marigold cluster looks elegant in your garden and you will probably stop associating composting with everything that’s “dirty” and “ugly”. Put simply, it is high on aesthetics.

The process
All you need to do is add ½ a bucket of dry leaves or cocopeat or sawdust to one bucket of kitchen waste to absorb the extra moisture. Mix the entire pile thoroughly once a day. Remember, it’s all in how well you turn the pile to aerate the decomposing mass. For ease of use, the firm sells a rake, which is an expandable fork, so that workers do not have to bend while turning the pile.

Karnataka Compost Development Corporation is involved in Eco-friendly treatment of city garbage and agriculture waste through production of Compost based organic manure and Vermi compost.
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