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Solutions for Residences

If I change the way I throw - will it make any difference?

More than 60% of waste generated by our Bengaluru constitutes organic waste. Composting organic waste generates large volumes of organic manure. Compost is an easy, natural human invention that boosts photosynthesis while cleaning up the mess we created.

Fertilizer feeds plants nitrogen. Compost feeds soils carbon.It all begins with the soil. Worms are the great transformers of landscape through eating and digesting. They can consume a patch of stones and over time turn it into a fertile field. Worms continually pass soil through their intestinal canals, keep anything they can use for food, and then "cast" the rest. With indoor worm composters, these creatures can take your coffee grinds, lettuce scraps and apple cores and turn them into fertilizer castings that your plants will love.

The number of employees who work at and eat in your office will define many of your initiative’s parameters such as the number and size of bins needed, how much employee training the program will require, and what type of composting will work best for your organization.
Karnataka Compost Development Corporation is involved in Eco-friendly treatment of city garbage and agriculture waste through production of Compost based organic manure and Vermi compost.
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